Tech Desk

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What We Do

The Tech Desk provides student-run tech support for the entire student body. Located in the Learning Commons, students can find help troubleshooting common technical problems related to their school work. Students can get help accessing textbooks, using the myHomework planner, backing up and retrieving important files, submitting digital homework, etc. Additionally, students can get help resetting account passwords and registering new iPad. 

Of course, the Tech Desk doesn't stop there. We also run the freshmen iPad registration nights, assist in the Learning Commons maker space, and provide this very website! Check out the News page for all kinds of tips and tricks to get more productivity out of your device.


Need Assistance?

Use the form below to contact us regarding your technology needs. Please be as detailed as possible. Keep your software up to date and restart your device once a week. To help us best service your enquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve. You may also see us in the Learning Commons for more direct help.

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social media specialist

Brion Dennis

I'm a junior member at the Tech Desk and have been proudly working as a member since September of 2014. Since an early age, I have had an interest in technology. At the Tech Desk, I help students (and sometimes teachers) with basically any technological issue to the best of my capabilities. Alongside helping solve issues, I also run our Twitter (@rhstechnology) where we live tweet tech events, product recommendations, and tips and tricks.



NEws specialist

Krishon Harris

I am a junior who works at the Tech Desk on every occasion in which I am free. Most notable of these times would include sixth period, Activity Period, and after school. When I began working at the Tech Desk in August of 2014, I was most interested in the advancements in mobile computing, which is my strongest area of expertise.Along with my knowledge for mobile computing, I’m also interested in Photography, filmography, and software engineering. 


Tech Support

David King, Joseph Tutera, Aidan Lake

We are three of the newest members of the Tech Desk. At the moment, we are freshman with a passion for helping other students integrate the 1:1 iPad program into their education. We mainly help our classmates during our lunch period, for this is the only time we have free as freshmen. We look forward to participating in the tech desk for the next three years.