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Parental Controls for iPads & iPhones

Students at Rockhurst harness the power of technology for learning every day. That being said, we realize technology can also be a distraction. Occasionally, parents/guardians ask us how they can restrict negative use of technology. As with anything, we believe formation begins with a conversation. With that in mind, we endorse the following use of iOS’s Restrictions feature:

First of all, Restrictions have many layers which can be confusing to navigate. Furthermore, restricting the iPad too much will inhibit a student’s ability to access primary source material or create with an innovative app. Therefore, the only necessary restriction to enable is the ability to delete apps from the iPad.

Rather than using technology to control behavior, parents can set expectations and consequences that enable their students to develop self-discipline. Speak to your son about the type of apps he is allowed to download on his iPad, develop consequences for downloading inappropriate apps, and check the iPad periodically for such apps. When it comes to academics, students do not need Snapchat, iMessages, games, or VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps on their iPads.

Here is how to enable Restrictions:

  1. On the student's device click SETTINGS>GENERAL>RESTRICTIONS
  2. Click ENABLE RESTRICTIONS and enter a passcode that the parent will remember. The student should NOT know the passcode.
  3. Scroll down to DELETING APPS and toggle it off.
Enable Restrictions.png

For more information, visit Apple Support or contact Mr. Jones. All of this information applies to iPhones, MacBooks, and AppleTV’s!