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Rental iPads

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Many problems can arise such as forgetting, losing, or damaging your iPad. Rental iPads are available for purchase at the Tech Desk. With a Rental iPad, you can stay online when your iPad is offline. Rental iPads costs $10 per day or $30 per week. You should have your iPad backed up to iCloud if you want to rent an iPad. To be sure that your iPad is backed up, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup > and make sure that iCloud Backup is enabled (green). When you rent an iPad, you will restore your settings and data using iCloud, which makes the iCloud backup crucial.

If your iPad is not backed up prior to renting an iPad, you can still restore your apps and your Google documents by downloading Google Drive, and going to the Purchased tab of the App Store and restoring apps. If you rent an iPad for a day, the iPad must be returned by the end of the day. If you rent an iPad for a week, the iPad must be returned within 5 school days of rental (i.e. If you rent an iPad on a Wednesday, the iPad must be returned by next Wednesday). Before you return your iPad, please Restore your iPad by going to Settings > General > ResetErase All Content and SettingsIf you fail to return the iPad or leave without erasing it, JUG may be administered under Mr. Jones' discretion. Happy Renting!