rockhurst high school



Technology Vision Statement

The world is constantly changing, rich in technology, and global in nature. In keeping with our goal of developing “men for others” and community leaders in a diverse and technology-driven world, the Rockhurst learning community will be collaboratively engaged in learning through the effective, efficient and ethical use of digital tools in the classroom and beyond.




Learning Commons


Brandon Jones
Educational Technologist

Technology Standards


Students will develop learning strategies that leverage technology, demonstrate learning in a variety of ways, and reflect on the learning process.                                 

Knowledge Constructor

Students will employ a variety of digital tools to curate knowledge, produce creative ideas, and create meaningful, real world learning experiences and connections.

Digital Discerner

Students will demonstrate an understanding of our interconnected digital world by managing their digital identity, data, and reputation reflective of the Grad at Grad characteristics.

Innovative creator

Students will use technology to generate and develop new ideas and solve authentic problems.

Community connector

Students will use collaborative technology to connect with local and global communities, contribute constructively to team projects, and work effectively toward a common goal.


Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.
— George Couros @gcouros